Copywriting Portfolio - Services Page for Olyaska Rejuvenation

(This work was done by: Graciela Theodorus)

1.) The Client

Olga Kargopolova is the owner of Olyaska Rejuvenation Center. 

A Canadian-based Rejuvenation center that focuses on helping its clients to feel & look their best – through a natural approach. 

2.) The Brief

Olga wanted me to create a services page that described the services they cater to in a way that resonates with her target clients. 

She wanted the copy to be benefit-driven, easy to understand, and able to establish trust. 


3.) The Result

I created a Services Page that communicates Olga’s offer clearly, make Olyaska’s Rejuvenation sounds trustworthy & professional, and compelling to read.

Scroll below to see the final result of the Services Page ↓

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