Copywriting Portfolio - Product Description for Lulubig

(This work was done by: Graciela Theodorus)

1.) The Client

Jamal Kittous is the owner of — an e-commerce company.

Lulubig offers a wide range of products, from fashion to technology and their focus is on affordability & speedy delivery. 

2.) The Brief

Jamal wanted to improve their existing product descriptions to be more benefit driven & compelling to read. 

Our goal is to convince the target customers to purchase Lulubig’s products. With that in mind, we used power words in the copy along with compelling CTAs that are meant to incite action from the audience. 


3.) The Results

I created 5 product descriptions for Lulubig’s product collections that are designed to communicate the benefits of the products clearly & to compel the target audience to purchase said products. 

Scroll below to see the final result of the Product Descriptions ↓

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