Copywriting Portfolio - Homepage for Jordy Van Bremen (Sharing 365)

(This work was done by: Graciela Theodorus)

1.) The Client

Jordy Van Bremen is the owner of Sharing 365 offers consultancy & development to businesses that wants to increase their productivity by leveraging SharePoint. 

Sharing 365 aims to help organizations to tackle projects with ease and be successful. 

2.) The Brief

Jordy wanted to create a homepage that can clearly communicates his extensive skill set and experience in the field. 

Our goal is to convince his target client’s that Jordy can consult & tailor the most suitable SharePoint site according to their organization’s needs.

3.) The Results

I created a homepage that tells Jordy’s target clients about his experience, his willingness to listen to their needs, along with the reason why they should have Sharing 365 on their corner. 

Scroll below to see the final result of the Homepage ↓

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