Copywriting Portfolio - About Page for MYLE

(This work was done by: Graciela Theodorus)

1.) The Client

Sharas Badinskas is the owner of (Make Your Life Easier). MYLE is a home organization company that promotes a clutter-free lifestyle by using their organizer products. 

MYLE’s goal is to help people de-clutter their surroundings in order to live a healthier and happier life. 

2.) The Brief

Sharas wanted to improve their existing About Page to be more compelling to read & communicate MYLE’s value clearly to their target customers.

Our goal is to convince the target customers that MYLE’s products can help them live a healthier & happier life. With that in mind, we decided to adopt a warm & friendly tone that will speak directly to our target customers which are women.

3.) The Results

I created an About Page that is designed to make MYLE’s target customers get a better understanding of the brand, the people behind it (Sharas & Violetta), along with the reason why they should have this brand in their life.

Scroll below to see the final result of the About Page ↓

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