Copywriting Portfolio - About Page for Cherished Cherubs

(This work was done by: Graciela Theodorus)

1.) The Client

Lisa Taylor is the owner of Cherished Cherubs, an Australian-based babysitting service provider. 

They pride themselves in taking care of children in a way that only a mother could. 

2.) The Brief

Lisa wanted to improve their existing About Page to make it compelling to read & communicate Cherished Cherubs’ value clearly to their target clients.

Our goal is to convince the target clients that Cherished Cherubs can take care of their little ones, safely and with love. 

3.) The Results

I created an About Page that is designed to make Cherished Cherubs’ target clients get a better understanding of the brand, the people behind it, along with the reason why they should have this brand in their life.

Scroll below to see the final result of the About Page ↓

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