Landing Page Portfolio - Creative Cash Flow Landing Page

(This work was done by: Andreas Handani)

1.) The Client

Grant Kemp (President of approached us looking to create a high-converting landing page for his Facebook Ad marketing campaign.

The goal is to capture as many leads as possible—and plug them into our nurture email sequence (priming them before we offer our premium real estate investing course called “Seller Financing Essentials.”)

2.) The Brief

Since trust has been established between the two of us, Grant basically gave us a “free reign” for this project.

Meaning, we’re given the creative copywriting freedom to do anything & implement everything we deem useful—as long as we stayed true to our brand values (stay authentic) & it increases our opt-in rate.

3.) The Results

A clean, clear, value-driven landing page that is guaranteed to grab the attention of our target audience right from the get-go by appealing to their desires. 

We produced a high-converting landing page based on every single persuasion & copywriting principles in the book—no holds barred.

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