Landing Page Portfolio - Generating Leads for Business Growth Coach Aaron Smith

(This work was done by: Andreas Handani, in collaboration with Roger Stuart)

1.) The Client

Aaron Smith is a business growth coach. 

He helps business owners & managers who’ve hit the “invisibile ceiling”, in their comfort zone, or just plain stagnating with their business performance — to break out of the plateau and grow again.

2.) The Brief

The goal of this project is to help Aaron land excellent clients & make boatloads of money from his coaching services. 

This landing page, serves as the foundation for that. It converts traffic  to qualified leads. 

As is the case with most of my projects, I was given complete creative freedom on the project.

3.) The Results

I created a landing page & offer titled: “The 3 FREEDOMS METHOD.”

Scroll below to see the final result of Aaron’s landing page ↓

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