Facebook Ad Portfolio - Traffic Driver for Reinvent Properties

(This work was done by: Andreas Handani)

1.) The Client

Andi Liu, owner of Reinvent Properties & personal mentee of Grant Kemp, is introduced by Grant to my copywriting services. 

She came to me to collaborate on her online marketing project. Specifically, it’s a “Facebook Ad → Opt-in page → Contact” funnel designed to get her more leads for her real estate acquisition business. 

2.) The Brief

Andi already has a clear idea in mind as to how the angle & wording of the ad should be. Keeping in mind that FB Ad has some tight regulations that we have to adhere to, and the fact that our audience is very sensitive to certain words, the ad is designed with a meticulous attitude—careful not to tread on any landmine, while making sure that we stayed true to our conversion goal.

3.) The Results

I created a Facebook ad copy that’s compliant with the rules, containing trigger words guaranteed to grab our target audience’s attention, and a laser-sight focus on conversion. (i.e. Getting them to click on that “Learn more” button and be directed to our opt-in page). 

Scroll below to see the finished ad copy results (complete with complementary illustration that Grace, one of my work partners, made for us!) ↓

(Complementary illustration that Grace, one of my work partners, made for us.)

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