Email Marketing Portfolio - Outreach Campaign

(This work was done by: Andreas Handani)

1.) The Client

Grant Kemp (President of is going to become one of SAREI 2018’s main speakers. FYI, SAREI is short for “San Antonio Real Estate Investing”, Texas’ biggest annual meetup for professional real estate investors.

In order to create excitement from our list, we executed a 3-day email campaign to capture the interest of as many leads as possible—and ask them to attend the live event and meet with Grant Kemp. (This helps us establish a connection with them on a personal level).

2.) The Brief

Since this email marketing outreach is targeted to semi-cold audience, Grant asked me not to “sell too hard” and focus on giving value instead of giving a pitch. He took the words right out of my mouth. I agree that this is the perfect strategy for this type of audience.

Again, the goal is to ask them to attend the event, engage with Grant, and come back refreshed to continue & pursue their dreams to become a successful real estate investor… (with the knowledge of Grant Kemp & the Academy, of course.)

3.) The Results

I created a 3-day email sequence designed to “rev up” our audience’s engine, get them warm enough to receive our offer, and call them out to take action by coming to the SAREI 2018 event & interact with our client, Grant Kemp.

Scroll below to see the final result of the 3-day email sequence (complete with campaign statistics) ↓

(Campaign statistics & KPI)

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