Email Marketing Portfolio - Conversion Sequence for CCF

(This work was done by: Andreas Handani)

1.) The Client

Grant Kemp (President of is one of Texas’ pioneer in creative Real Estate Investing strategies. 

He’s originated over $75 million dollars worth of Seller Financing mortgages, and the whole industry looks up to him to create breakthroughs in Real Estate Investing.

2.) The Brief

After delivering MASSIVE value for our audience through our nurture email sequence, now is the time for us to ask for the sale.

We want to make the transition from “freebies” to “premium stuff” as smooth as possible, which is why all throughout the pitch we made sure that it’s still in a rapport-building tone, and angled the offer in a way that is still parallel with our intention to give value to our customers.

3.) The Results

I created a 5-day email sequence designed to convert out already-nurtured audience → to become paying customers for our premium course: The Seller Financing Essentials.

Scroll below to see the final result of the 5-day email sequence ↓

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