Email Marketing Portfolio - Outreach Campaign

(This work was done by: Andreas Handani)

1.) The Client

TecmoMadison is one of the largest Retro Gaming tournament out there.

For their 14th tournament, Dave Murray, the tournament director, reached out to me to ask for a killer cold email script to help him generate sponsors for the tournament.


2.) The Brief

Since this email campaign is targeted to a completely cold audience, I told Dave that we really need to hone in on serious personalization towards the recipient. (It’s the best chance we’ve got to get them to respond & start a conversation with us.)

Keeping that in mind, we also need to make sure that we play right by the numbers’ game. Meaning that we need to put out a LOT of cold emails—if we want to get a lot of responses.


3.) The Results

I created a short-but-extremely-tight cold email script that contains all the right info they need to be interested, a short space for personalization (while still maintaining smooth transition to the canned offer), and a strong call to action to respond.

Scroll below to see the final result of the cold email script ↓

First try result: Success! (100% response rate so far):

I even got offered a job from our first cold email recipient...

(1UPcards, our first recipient, not only agreed to become our sponsor, but we actually managed to upsell them to become our tournament’s main supplier. PLUS, the manager of 1UPcards actually offered Dave (myself) a job after reading the cold email script that I created. Pretty funny, eh?)

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