Copywriting Portfolio - About Us Page for

(This work was done by: Andreas Handani)

1.) The Client

Michael Batalha is the owner & CEO of — it’s the go-to Email Marketing Platform that corporations use to create profitable email automation.

He came to me asking for help to revamp his website to be A.) Less cluttered, and B.) Conveys solution, not just filled with technical jargons.

2.) The Brief

After discussing that About Page is one of the most important pages that any website has, we set out to create a new about page for his company.

He gave me free reign on this one. His only note is: Make it so that once my target customers visit my about page, they’ll be compelled to schedule a demo with us. (That’s where we make the sale).

3.) The Results

I revamped his old about page into something that’s clean, simple, and solution-oriented. I also provided him & his team with a complete wireframe to ensure that the design element of his page is also top-notch.

Scroll below to see the final result of the new About Page.

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